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Puducherry, Kanyakumari, Trivandrum Tirth Yatra

This special pilgrimage journey will commence from Delhi Airport on23 April & 20 August 2024.

Departure from Delhi to Chennai by flight (Overnight stay in Chennai).

Sri Lakshmi Narayan Temple (Golden Temple).

Shivakanchi, Vishnukanchi Darshan (Saptapuri). (Overnight stay in Tirupati)

Tirumala temple is situated on the hill. By bus. (Overnight stay in Tirupati)

Shore Temple, Pandava Rathas, Arvind Ashram, Gandhi-Rock-Paradise Beach Pondicherry (Overnight stay in Pondicherry, Fifth-day on the way and overnight stay in Rameshwaram).

Sea Bathing, Ram-Sita Kund, Ram Jharokha Mandir Darshan, 22 Kund Snan, Rameshwaram Jyotirling, Dhanushkoti. (Overnight stay in Rameshwaram)

Kanyakumari Temple visit, Sunrise or Sunset view, Sangam Snan (bathing) of three seas - Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, and Bay of Bengal, Vivekananda Rock Memorial. (Overnight stay in Kanyakumari)

Kovalam Beach, Museum, Thiruvananthapuram Zoo, Padmanabhaswamy Temple. (Departure for Goa by night train).

Arrival in Goa in the morning, overnight stay after self-excursion.

Sea Cathedral Church, Left Jesus Church, Dauna Paula Beach, Cobla Beach, Shanta Durga Temple, Mangesh Temple, Ancestral Goa. (Overnight stay in Goa).

Departure from Goa to Delhi by flight and end of the journey.

Travel Fare

The fare for food, tea, breakfast, A/C pushback deluxe bus, A/C double bed hotel room, 3 A/C rail reservation, air fare (from Delhi to Chennai and back from Hyderabad to Delhi) will be ₹ 41,000 per ride. For advance booking, deposit ₹ 5,001/- per passenger in cash or online in the SBI bank account of 'Shri Shiv Shankar Tirth Yatra' Rishikesh or at any of our authorized booking agencies. The remaining amount will be taken before the journey. Air conditioning facility will be available only in moving buses, this facility will not be available in buses parked in the parking lot. Passengers will be taken from Tirupati city to Tirupati temple by government bus service.

Rules and Facilities for Travel by Flight

During the journey, breakfast will consist of tea and snacks in the morning, and for lunch and dinner, arrangements will be made for one daal, one vegetable, rice, and roti. Tea will be provided in the evening. The use of clarified butter will be used in daal-rice and roti. Refined oil will be used in vegetables and snacks. Based on availability, papad and pickle will also be served with meals. The use of onions and garlic will be strictly prohibited. The meals will be pure vegetarian and sattvic. Tawa chapati will be prepared during the journey, and depending on the availability of time, puri, parathas, and khichdi will also be prepared. Lunch packets will be provided during the journey at appropriate times. During the long-distance train journey, the arrangement for meals will be made through the official catering services of Indian Railways (IRCTC). One bottle of mineral water will be given to the passengers along with lunch and dinner.

Arrangements for night stay will be made in double bed attached lat-bathroom rooms in hotels for all travelers. Travelers must carry their original photo identification (Aadhar card, voter ID) and 1 passport-sized photos.

During the flight journey, passengers must keep their power banks in their hand baggage. Items such as knives, nail cutters, and other sharp objects should not be taken on the flight. As per the flight regulations, each passenger is allowed to carry one suitcase or bag weighing up to 15 kilograms, which will be checked-in baggage, and one bag weighing up to 7 kilograms, which can be taken as carry-on luggage. The boarding passes of each passenger will be sent via WhatsApp within 12 hours of the flight departure. Passengers must comply with the rules and regulations of flights and railways. Passengers should meet the organization's representative at the designated terminal, in front of the departure gate, 3 hours before the scheduled departure time of their plane, as the availability of flight services depends on the flight's status.

If a traveler cancels their booking after the journey is confirmed, the advance amount will not be refunded. The entry fees to sightseeing places will be borne by the travelers.

Elderly and solo female travelers can comfortably embark on our journey. The travel environment is home-like, providing a sense of security and eliminating feelings of loneliness.


Travelers must abide by the following rules:


During the journey, travelers will be responsible for their own financial, physical, and personal belongings. The organizer will not be responsible for any loss incurred by travelers. Follow the rules of flight and rail.


If necessary, the passenger can arrange for a hospital/doctor at his own expense as per his convenience. Every passenger will be bound to follow the time table, if for any reason someone gets separated from the group then the passenger will reach the next station/destination at his own expense. All buses will go to the parking of the tourist places, from there the distance to the temples is negligible, hence the passengers can go there on foot or by rickshaw (at their own expense). In this way passengers will have to walk less.


If a traveler wishes to return home due to any reason or illness, the organizer will only provide a Sleeper Class railway ticket to transport them back home. No refund will be given in any circumstance. This provision will only apply up to 5 days before the end of the journey.


In case of flight delays, bus breakdowns, adverse weather conditions, weekly holidays, closures, rallies, or any other circumstances preventing darshan (sightseeing) at any location during the journey, the organization/organizer requests travelers to cooperate and provide full support considering the situation.


During the journey, the manager will make every effort to provide travelers with maximum comfort, but some inconvenience during the journey is natural. At that time, it is essential to embrace the spirit of "परदेश नरेश कलेशन" (The discomfort of being away from home) and support the organizer wholeheartedly.


The seating arrangement in the bus will be based on a lottery system.

Travel DetailsTravel Details

  • Departure City:Delhi Airport
  • Departure Date:23 April & 20 August 2024
  • Travel Cost:₹41,000 per person
  • Travel Duration:11 days
  • Book your travel by depositing ₹5,001 per person.

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