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Rajasthan Tour

This special tirth yatratour will depart from Delhi/Jaipur on 12th November 2024.

Departure from Delhi/Jaipur and overnight stay in Jaipur.

Visit Jal Mahal, Amer Fort, Govind Devi Temple, Moti Dungri Ganesh Temple, Birla Temple (overnight stay in Jaipur)

Visit Mehandipur Balaji, Sita Ram Mandir, Yagnashala (overnight stay in Jaipur)

Visit Khatushyam Baba Temple, then proceed to Salasar after visiting Rani Sati Dadi Temple in Jhunjhunu (overnight stay in Salasar)

Visit Salasar Balaji Temple, and after having lunch, proceed to Karni Mata Temple and then head to Bikaner (overnight stay in Bikaner)

Visit Bikaner-Junagarh Fort, Ramdevra darshan and after lunch at Ramdevra, departure for Jaisalmer (night stay Jaisalmer).

Visit Jaisalmer Fort (Sonar Kila), Patwon Ki Haveli, Nathmal Ki Haveli, Tanot Devi Temple, Witness the sunset (overnight stay in Jaisalmer)

Morning departure from Jaisalmer, War Museum (Night stay Jodhpur)

Visit Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan, then after lunch proceed to Mount Abu Road (overnight stay in Mount Abu Road)

Explore the natural beauty, visit Nakki Lake, Dilwara Temple, Brahmakumari Temple, Raghunath Temple (overnight stay in Mount Abu Road)

Visit Haldighati, Ek Ling Nath Temple, Shrinathji Temple (overnight stay in Udaipur)

Visit City Palace, Jagdish Temple, Saheliyon ki Bari, Fatehsagar (overnight stay in Udaipur)

Savaliya Ji, Chittaurgarh Fort (by self rickshaw) (Night stay Pushkar)

Take a bath at Pushkar Sarovar, visit Brahma Temple, after lunch, conclude the journey with fond memories in Jaipur/Delhi.

Travel Fare

The Travel Expenses, including meals, tea, breakfast, A/C deluxe push-back bus, double bed hotel rooms, and A/C buses for sightseeing, will be ₹31,000 per traveler. For advance booking, ₹1,001 per traveler should be deposited in cash or online into the 'Shri Shiv Shankar Tirth Yatra' account at SBI Bank, Rishikesh. The remaining fare will be collected by the organization upon arrival in Jaipur. Note: Travelers from Delhi will be taken to and brought back from Jaipur by sleeper class train.

The night stay in Vrindavan will be arranged in 2/3-bed attached rooms with shared bathrooms. Beds, utensils, and buckets will be provided by the organization.

All travelers will gather at Shyamashyam Ashram, near the water tank at Tempo Stand, Roadways Bus Stand, Vrindavan.

यात्रियों के लिए यात्रा काल में सुबह की बेड टी, चाय-नाश्ता व दोपहर एवं रात्रि भोजन। भोजन में एक दाल, एक सब्जी, चावल, रोटी का पूरा प्रबन्ध होगा। शाम को चाय दी जायेगी। रोटी, दाल एवं चावल में देशी घी का प्रयोग होगा एवं नाश्ता, सब्जी एवं पूरी में रिफाइण्ड का प्रयोग होगा। चावल बासमती दोनों समय बनाया जायेगा। समय की उपलब्धता के आधार पर यात्रियों को अचार, पापड़, मीठा, सलाद भी भोजन के साथ दिया जायेगा। प्याज व लहसुन का प्रयोग वर्जित होगा। भोजन, लकड़ी के चूल्हे में शुद्ध शाकाहारी बनाया जायेगा। दोपहर एवं रात्रि को खाने के साथ एक-एक मिनरल वाटर की बोतल यात्रियों को दी जायेगी ।

For the safety of travelers and their belongings, a committee will arrange for security guards, tea, snacks, and people to cook and accompany the group during the journey. No traveler should wear gold or silver jewelry during the trip. The responsibility of financial and physical damage during the journey lies with the individual traveler, and the organizing committee will not be liable for any loss incurred by the travelers.

Even elderly and single women can comfortably undertake the journey as the atmosphere during the trip will be like being at home with family, ensuring that they do not feel lonely.

Travelers are advised to carry cash or a draft/cheque of "Shri Shiv Shankar Tirth Yatra (Reg.)" in favor of the Rishikesh branch to make payment for any remaining expenses.

Travelers are required to follow the following rules:


The jurisdiction for any dispute will be limited to Rishikesh (Dehradun) only. Any disputes arising within the Consumer Forum will also be limited to Rishikesh (Dehradun).


Travelers are requested to inform the head office after booking to ensure that there are no possibilities of any errors. While booking the seat, travelers should carefully read and understand the name, photo, and travel agency name of founder Shri Lal Shivcharan Lal Agrawal.


Every traveler must adhere to the schedule according to the time table. If someone gets separated from the group due to any reason, they will have to reach the next destination at their own expense.


The administrator has the full right to separate a traveler suffering from a contagious disease, consuming intoxicants, or causing disturbance during the journey.


If any traveler, due to any reason or illness, decides to return home and leave the journey incomplete, they will not be entitled to any refund.


In case of unfavorable weather conditions, weekly holidays, closures, rallies, or any other reasons leading to the inability to visit a particular place during the journey, the organization/administrator reserves the right to make any changes in the itinerary. Travelers are requested to provide their full cooperation under such circumstances.


During the journey, the manager will try to provide the travelers with maximum comfort, but still, some inconvenience is natural during the journey. At that time, follow the saying 'परदेश नरेश कलेशन' (bear with the difficulties of the foreign land with the spirit of penance) and provide full cooperation to the organizer. Please excuse any errors in printing.


Cancellation Rules for the Journey: If a traveler wants to cancel their seat for any reason after booking it, and if the cancellation notice is given in writing up to 12 days before the departure date, the advanced amount will be refunded. If the cancellation notice is not received in writing up to 12 days before the departure date, the advanced amount will not be refunded. If the booking is done in the last 12 days before the journey date and the traveler cancels their seat, the advanced amount will not be refunded. If the traveler cancels the journey by 5 days before the journey date excluding the day of the journey, the organization has the legal right to charge the entire fare of the journey from the traveler. No exemption will be provided in this case.


The last row of seats in the bus (5-seaters) does not have a pushback feature. Kindly cooperate with fellow travelers. Seat arrangement will be done through a lottery system.

Travel DetailsTravel Details

  • Departure City:Delhi/Jaipur
  • Departure Date:12th November 2024
  • Travel Cost:₹31,000 per person
  • Travel Duration:14 days
  • Pre-book your travel by depositing ₹1,001 per person.

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